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The premises must be left in a clean and tidy condition.

Cleaning equipment & materials are available in the shower store and in the kitchen. This equipment is colour coded for use in specific areas, as follows:

  • Red – for use in toilets and in the event of body fluid spills
  • Blue – for use in general hall areas
  • Green\yellow – for use within the kitchen and bar areas only. This equipment is stored separately in the kitchen cleaning trolley.

Charges for ENCKA to organise cleaning after an event are available on request.


ENKCA adheres to Angus Council’s recycling policy and requests all users of the hall to do the same. All empty bottles, cans, paper, cardboard and clean plastic containers should be placed in the grey bin outside the hall. Non-recyclable items should be placed in bin-bags in the purple bin. Outside bins are located to the west of the hall.

The bins must not be over-filled and the lids able to close completely. It is the responsibility of the event organise to ensure that any recyclable and non-recyclable items which cannot fit into the bins must be removed from the site at the end of the event or the following morning.

Details of materials which can be recycled in the mixed recycling bin are:

  • Paper or card – with exception of food contaminated paper or metallic wrapping paper
  • Cans, biscuit tins, empty aerosols, cleaned foil food trays & metal lids – all of which should be rinsed out
  • Plastics such as bottles, bottletops, cleaned food containefrs – with exception of plastic bags, rigid plastics, foam polystyrene packaging, bubble wrap or cling film.
  • Glass bottles and jars – with exception of mirrors, pyrex, ceramics or tableware.


The hired area must be left as found and after an event all furniture and equipment cleaned and returned to the correct storage position, unless the hirer has paid an additional charge to cover cleaning and tidying.

Instructions for the safe storage of certain equipment are located in the main store and in the kitchen.


You can download all the information contained on this page in our cleaning and storage file below.

Cleaning and Storage
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