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Main Hall

Dimensions 18.65m x 9.45m and has a rated capacity for 150 people. A demountable stage is of 18m2 is available. The hall has 134 chairs, 20 folding large tables (1220mm x 685mm) and 12 smaller tables (915mm x 685mm). A 12 channel PA mixer desk which accepts all types of mono and stereo inputs is connected to 4 wall mounted speakers and provides excellent sound quality. A data projector is available which can be connected to the PA for stereo sound. Seven pairs of eye bolts and carabiner connectors fixed at 2m intervals to the side walls and can be used for bunting or lighting.

Key Info

Size: 18.65m x 9.45m
Stage: Demountable 18m2
Capacity: 150 people
Sound: 12 channel PA system
Other: Data Projector, wall fixings

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Strathview Room

Dimensions 8.1m x 5.1m and has a rated capacity of 35 people. This room has privacy blinds on all internal and external windows and is equipped with 11 tables each 700mm square. A portable Fender PA is available which can easliy be connected to the two wall mounted speakers. An electrically powered drop down projection screen is a permanent fixture. This room has a connecting door to the kitchen and is ideal for formal meetings and seminars.

Key Info

Size: 8.1m x 5.1m
Capacity: 35 people
Sound: Portable Fender PA system
Other: Drop down screen, data projector, 11 tables, privacy blinds.

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Dimensions 5.85m x 4m. All work surfaces are stainless steel. There is sufficient cutlery and crockery to cater for 130 guests. The kitchen is very well equipped and is listed below:

  • 5 ring gas cooker
  • electric hot cupboard
  • Larder fridge, an under counter fridge and seperate freezer
  • two water boilers
  • catering standard dishwasher
  • two deep sinks equipped with lever arm taps

Key Info

Size: 5.85m x 4m
Cooker: 5 ring gas
Cutlery & Crockery: up to 130 guests
Other: Dishwasher, freezer, fridges, water boilers, catering sinks.

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Dimensions 2.65m x 4m. The bar is equipped with a double sliding door bar fridge, glass washer and optics. There are sufficient glasses (wine, champagne, tumblers, pint glasses) to cater for 130 guests.

Key Info

Size: 2.65m x 4m
Glasses: Various types for up to 130 guests
Other: double fridge, optics, glass washer

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Room One\Treatment Room

The room is suitable for use as a therapy room or for medical\first aid resilience purposes and is equipped with a treatment couch, examination light, sink & first aid materials.  The room can also be set up as a small meeting room with tea\coffee facilities.  Room dimensions are 2.95 x 3m with a rated capacity of 5\6 people.

Room Two

Dimensions 2.4m x 3m and has a rated capacity of 4 people. This room is setup as the ENKCA office but is suitable for private meetings.

Easy Access Toilet

This is equipped with a wall mounted baby changer.

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