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Eassie Nevay and Kirkinch Community Association (ENKCA)
Charitable Status : Scottish Registered Charity : SCO33791
Registered office : The Community Hall, Balkeerie, Eassie, Angus, DD8 1SQ
Company Status: Private company limited by guarantee.
Incorporated in Scotland, number SC325383

Hall Bookings

Complete online Booking Form
Phone 01307 840 939
(Eassie Hall – unmanned 24-hour answer machine)
Email: enquiries@eassieandnevay.org.uk

The hall is owned and run by the community for the benefit of the community.


Organisations and individuals using ENKCA facilities have duties in law laid out by Acts governing Health & Safety and by the conditions attached to our insurance policy and entertainment licence.


  • reserves the right to refuse any applicant the use of the Hall without giving any reason.
  • reserves the right to amend these conditions of let at any time.
  • will not be liable for any damage, injury or loss of property brought to or left in the premises or car park by persons using the Hall.
  • has no legal responsibility for items of lost property.


All use of facilities must be agreed prior to the let.
Activities must be confined to the times for which the let is agreed.
Sub-letting of the premises is not permitted.

Conditions for Use of Premises

Users are responsible for any damage done to the Hall or the fittings, fixtures and equipment during the time of occupation and shall meet the cost of repairs and/or replacements.

Substances of a highly flammable nature, naked flames or lighted candles are not permitted in the premises. Deep frying is not permitted in the kitchen.

Smoking is not permitted within the hall or in any areas outside the hall.

The entrance ramp and steps must be kept clear for pedestrian access at all times.

All fire exits must remain free of obstruction at all times.

Disabled access and disabled parking must be kept clear for these purposes.

Any electrical equipment used on the premises must have been tested for electrical safety as specified in law. Anyone bringing electrical equipment into the Hall must ensure that it is free from electrical defects which could constitute a safety hazard: a regular inspection by an electrical engineer or other competent person is recommended.

All equipment must be removed from the Hall after the let.

Cars must not be parked on the pavements or inappropriately on the land to the east of the hall: see Appendix 1 Hall Information for further details

Duties of Event Organiser / Users:

Event organiser is responsible for ensuring that users comply with instructions and recommendations issued by the Police and by the Fire Authority.

The person in charge of any event should ensure that adequate risk assessments have been undertaken prior to the event.

The person managing the event must ensure that there is adequate staff present to safely supervise the running of the event.

The premises must be left in a clean and tidy condition: see Appendix 3 Cleaning and Storage and Appendix 5 Kitchen Conditions of Let

Housekeeping arrangements and returning of the keys must be agreed with Booking Secretary prior to the hire.

Event organiser is responsible for ensuring that all monies due including deposits, letting fees, additional services and damages are paid to ENKCA.

Event organiser is responsible for their caterer’s actions and compliance with ENKCA food policy.

There must be no live prizes awarded at any event. No stalls or displays shall make use of live animals without prior approval of the appropriate department of Angus Council.

All users must comply with the Health & Safety Policy, the Child Protection Policy and the Food Policy – inspection copies are lodged in a file kept at the hall office.

Events organiser must appoint a competent responsible person for the hire period and inform ENKCA of this appointee.

Report equipment deficiencies and breakages to the ENKCA Booking Secretary – both verbally and by noting details in the Accident Book.

Duties of Responsible Person

  • To ensure reasonable measures are taken for the health and safety of their group and members of the general public. In particular note that the hall is adjacent to a busy road which presents hazards for unattended children and for motorists entering and leaving the car park.
  • To ensure that the Health & Safety Policy, Child Protection Policy & Food Policy are complied with – an inspection copy is lodged in a file kept in the hall office. At ENKCA events children should only be accompanied by a responsible adult, either parent or adult in loco parentis. If children are present at events organised by other bodies those bodies must have an adequate child protection policy in force.
  • Familiarise himself/herself with the premises, the fire-safety equipment, location of the fire exits and ensure all appropriate Health and Safety measures are taken, including risk assessments relevant to the specific event. This person should ensure that she/he and anyone helping at the event is familiar with the position and usage of all fire safety equipment fitted. Clear access should be maintained for emergency vehicles.
  • Ensure that all exit routes from the building are unlocked, free-opening and unobstructed before people are admitted to an event and must ensure they remain so during the event.
  • Be responsible for maintaining order in connection with the occupation of the premises.
  • Ensure that the group is signed into and out of the building both for the event and for preparation sessions.
    Ensure that the users they represent do not do anything in the Hall nor allow anything to be taken into the Hall which will involve unacceptable risk to the Hall premises.
  • Be responsible for ensuring that any persons operating electrical or mechanical equipment are competent and do so in a safe manner
  • Ensure that a licence is obtained for the sale of alcohol.
  • Secure permits required for the performance of copyright work. ENKCA will not be liable for any damages and expenses claimed by person or company as the consequence of the performance of copyright work for which the hirer did not obtain a permit from the Performing Rights Society, the PPL or any appropriate licensing body.
  • Remain competent and be free from alcohol, drugs or illegal substances for the duration of the hire period.
  • Have access to a mobile phone at all times during the hire period.
  • Report equipment deficiencies and breakages to the ENKCA Booking Secretary – either verbally or by noting details in the Accident Book.
  • The hired area must be left as found and all furniture and equipment returned to the correct storage position : see Cleaning & Storage for details
  • ENKCA adheres to Angus Council’s recycling policy and requests all users of the hall to do the same: see Cleaning & Storage for further details
  • If the kitchen has been used the Food Policy conditions must be complied with: see Kitchen Conditions of Let
  • On completion of the event all windows must be closed securely and all doors must be closed and locked and keys returned, as agreed with ENKCA Booking Secretary.

Failure to observe the any of these conditions may result in the withdrawal of the let. In these circumstances monies already paid will be forfeited.


You can download all the information contained on this page in our hall conditions of let file below.

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