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Eassie & Nevay Hall comprises:

  • Foyer
  • Meeting room 2 (office)
  • Meeting room 1 (with sink and hot and cold water)
  • Strathview Room (Meeting/Seminar Room)
  • Main hall
  • Kitchen
  • Bar area
  • Gents toilet
  • Ladies toilet
  • Easy access toilet & baby changing room
  • Shower facilities
  • Main equipment store
  • Outside paved & decking area with seating and table

Details of Rooms

For information on the various rooms available in the hall follow the link below to see more on the hall facilities.

» Find out more about the hall facilities

Restrictions to use of walls

No items may be attached to any internal or external surface of the building unless previously agreed with the ENKCA Booking Secretary.

No items or notices may be attached on walls.

In the main hall wall 7 pairs of hooks are placed along the 18.66m length of the hall at approximately 2m intervals. These hooks may be used to allow items such as cables, ribbons etc to be strung across the width of the hall (9.45m) provided permission has been granted by ENKCA prior to the event.

Fire safety information

Event organiser and responsible person for each let must complete fire safety awareness training.

Location of fire equipment

Fire exits

  • Front door
  • Main hall (west wall)
  • Kitchen door to outside
  • Outside door to fuel store

Fire extinguishers

  • Front door \ hallway – foam extinguisher
  • Main hall (by entrance doors) – water extinguisher
  • Kitchen (by outside door) – CO2 extinguisher + fire blanket
  • Boiler room \ fuel store – foam extinguisher

Fire alarms

  • Hallway by front door
  • Main hall by fire exit doors
  • Kitchen by outside door
  • Fuel store by outside door

Car parking information

There is limited parking in front of the hall.

The entrance ramp and steps must be kept clear for pedestrian access at all times.

Access to all fire exits must remain free of obstruction at all times.

There are 2 designated disabled parking places at the front of the hall: these areas must be kept clear for this purpose.

Cars may be parked on the land to the east of the hall but a clear access route from the road to the field entrance at the rear of the area must be maintained at all times to allow access to the adjacent fields.

Cars may also be parked along the road sides at the roadsides leading to the hall but must not be parked on pavements.

Management accept no responsibility for loss or damage to property or vehicles in the car park area.

Other Useful Information

Nearest local shops are located in Newtyle (3 miles) or Meigle (4 miles).
Nearest supermarkets are located in Forfar (10 miles) or Blairgowrie (12 miles).


You can download all the information contained on this page in our hall information file below.

Hall Information
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